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Martiņ's profession and hobbies are all about active movement, he works in a logistics company and in his free time he participates in a mountain cycling. His safe space is among his girls, where there is understanding, gentleness and joy, his port of peace, but other times there is simply a quiet silence or just a sweet look. Mārtiņs thinks that he also has a third dimension – wild and outgoing side, so he decided to reveal himself in the theatre.

Bishop Albert with son Ainar (“Spectators” / 2021. / author – Marta Vaino / directed - Ingmārs Čaklais);
Grandma (video performance “Red Turban” (“Sarkanturbānīte”) by play motives from “Red turban of the Kascey tribe” (“Sarkanturbānīte no Kaščeju cilts”) / 2021 / author - Hermanis Paukšs / directors – Liene Bleive, Elza Umure and Ingmārs Čaklais)
Guest (“Thanksgiving Turkey” / 2020 / text & directing - actors from Birmingham's Little Theatre)

Štiglics Roberts (The case of Pauls Kalniņš (“Paula Kalniņa tiesāšana”) / 2020./ author – Pauls Kalniņš / Latvian play readings 2020, directors Māra Lewis un Ingmārs Čaklais)
Husband (“Carnival” / 2020. / Author - Hermanis Paukšs / Latvian play readings 2020)

Chef ('Chirp, Chirp!' / 2022. / Author – Hermanis Paukšs /director - Ingmārs Čaklais).

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