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Ivars works in the logistics industry, which brings him both joy and care. Ivars joined the theatre during “lockdown” and for the first time met his colleagues after many rehearsals on ZOOM. He thinks that life is interesting just when there are so many different surprises in it!

Botoms, (“Balconies” (“Balkoni”) / 2021./ Author – Pēteris Saulītis / director Ilona Brūveris)
Master(“Spectators” / 2021. / Author – Marta Vaino / directed - Ingmārs Čaklais);
Shakespeare ever living (“William. Forever.”/ 2021 / text and directors – Ance Kazāka, Elza Umure and Elīza Čaklā)
Actor “Interview “Quotes from the characters of Shakespeare today …”” (“Intervija “Šekspīra varoņu citāti mūsdienās…””) / 2021 / text and directors– Ance Kazāka, Elza Umure and Elīza Čaklā

Rabitt Čārlij (Video performance “Red Turban” (“Sarkanturbānīte”) by play motives from “Red turban of the Kascey tribe” (“Sarkanturbānīte no Kaščeju cilts”) / 2021 / author - Hermanis Paukšs / directors – Liene Bleive, Elza Umure and Ingmārs Čaklais)

Empreror ('Chirp, Chirp!' / 2022. / Author – Hermanis Paukšs /director - Ingmārs Čaklais).

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