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Alda is a dance teacher, choreographer and has a Master degree in pedagogy. Founded Jelgava’s children's and Youth Dance collective “Wind Horse” (“Vēja zirdziņš”) in 1992 and is its artistic director still. On a daily basis, Alda is a lecturer at Joseph Vitols Latvian Academy of music and also a teacher at Jelgava 4th primary School. She worked in the Latvian culture history as an expert on stage folk dance. Alda believes there are two loves in her life, theatre and dance, until at one point she realised dance was taking the lead. But Alda has not been able to leave and staged choreography for both professional and amateur theatre performances in Latvia, and has produced around 20 musical dance performances.

COLLABORATION: Choreography, Slawomir Mrozek “Out at Sea” ("Atklātā Jūrā") (2019);

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