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Gunta calls herself a tailor with thirty years of experience. But in fact, Gunta is a professional whose daily routine falls in a sewing salon in mid-England, but in addition, she has engaged in various creative projects and realized her talent by providing outfits for both theatrical performances, productions and singer concerts, also delighted anniversaries and newlyweds with festive robes and more. Gunta always listens to her clients and tries to realise everyone's ideas, no matter how crazy they are. Birmingham's little Theatre productions also embody the intentions of the director and actors, who have transformed into costumes created by Gunta.


Costume design, Hermanis Paukšs “This is all we've got!” ("Vairāk nekā mums nav!") (2019);

Costume design, Slawomir Mrozek “Out at Sea” ("Atklātā Jūrā") (2019);

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