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Director and teacher 

Ingmārs started working with the theatre already during his studies, has founded and managed several youth studios and independent theatres in Latvia. Performances staged by Ingmar have received the highest ratings and awards at theatre shows and festivals, both in Latvia and outside. For decades, Ingmārs has regularly been a member and expert on juries at various theatre festivals. He uses his four higher educations’ very practically every day, and although the curves of his life have also led him in the direction of journalism, public relations, political activity, law and entrepreneurship, the conviction he has acquired during his years of study will only strengthen: “The most interesting thing to do in life is theatre!”


Marta Vaino “Spectators” (“Skatītāji") (2021);

Slawomir Mrozek “Out at Sea” ("Atklātā Jūrā") (2019);

Hermanis Paukšs “This is all we've got!” ("Vairāk nekā mums nav!") (2019);

Hermanis Paukšs "Chirp, Chirp!" (“Čir, Čir”) (2019).

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