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Ernest is always fun and believes pleasing those around him is a great satisfaction, so he gains energy playing theatre, singing and dancing. Ernest is also a good athlete, but in the future, he dreams of making scientific breakthroughs that would open new horizons for humanity.


Andrītis (“Spectators” / 2021. / author – Marta Vaino / directed - Ingmārs Čaklais);

Shakespeare’s kid (“William. Forever.”/ 2021 / text and directors – Ance Kazāka, Elza Umure and Elīza Čaklā)
Actor (“Interview “Quotes from the characters of Shakespeare today …””) (“Intervija “Šekspīra varoņu citāti mūsdienās…””) / 2021 / text and directors– Ance Kazāka, Elza Umure un Elīza Čaklā
Red Turban girl, (video performance “Red Turban” (“Sarkanturbānīte”) by play motives from “Red turban of the Kascey tribe” (“Sarkanturbānīte no Kaščeju cilts”) / 2021 / author - Hermanis Paukšs / directors – Liene Bleive, Elza Umure and Ingmārs Čaklais)
The prince (“Tfu, tfu, tfu!”, 2020./ Author - Tototo de Gugu/ / Latvian play readings 2020/ director – Astra Kacena)
Actor, Neighborhood boy and Tiny (“This is all we've got!” ("Vairāk nekā mums nav!") / 2019. / Author - Hermanis Paukšs / director Ingmārs Čaklais)

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